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Holistic Wellness and Guided Meditation 
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Scholarship Fund Drive

"We prosper by living a loving and compassionate life, and doing our best to share it with others."

We've partnered with NASM to award

scholarships for certifications in wellness & fitness.



Interested in starting a group session in your Hawaii community? We can help. We serve all islands.

"Clearing paths and opening doors through meditation and holistic wellness".

禅は瞑想の練習用です。ミスティックスとは、瞑想を含むすべてのヨガを通して達成されたバランスの結果として、私たちが人生に現れる驚くべきことを指します。 ZenMysticsは、今から始めて、あなたの最高の人生を総合的に生きることです。取り入れるものから出すものまで。私たちが与えるもの、そして私たち自身が受け取ることを許可するもの。 ZenMysticsは、バランスの取れた生活とコミュニティを維持するために必要な知識を取得して共有することを目的としています。


The Mission

The mission of Follow Your Path is to empower communities by empowering individuals to achieve optimal wellness through a holistic approach that addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of health.

  • Group yoga & pranayama

  • Group Meditation

  • Scholarships for fitness & wellness certifications

  • Sliding Scale fees for individual services

  • Senior Chair Yoga

Fitness Guide

Where are our funds currently going?

Fitness Class


We award scholarships for certifications from well known and respected wellness education providers. 

  • Personal Trainer

  • Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Group Fitness

  • Sports Nutrition

Yoga Mats

Yoga Books for Children &Grants for Yoga Equipment

Yoga is a great way for kids to improve their physical and mental health. It is a fun and engaging activity that can help them learn about their bodies and minds. If you're a school or community center that would like to offer yoga classes, we can help with supplies.

RK Group C 20210528_082000.jpg

Group Events

Sign up to be among the first to know about upcoming yoga, meditation, pranayama, artistic, and other holistic wellness related events, and fundraisers.




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