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Ujjayi with Ajani

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Ujjayi with Ajani
Ujjayi with Ajani


2022年3月30日 18:00 – 19:00 GMT-10



Ajani invites you to take a transformational journey using breath work (pranayama) and meditation with Ujjayi Breath. Also known as Ocean Breath, this easy to learn and practice exercise is excellent for those new to pranayama as well as experienced practitioners as it relaxes the body and mind in preparation for meditation or a just a good night's sleep.

With a calming and reassuring voice, accompanied by soothing aural sounds, Ajani will guide you though all 13 stages of this calming and grounding breath work exercise, allowing you to Go Deeper into your self care journey, while sharing energy and good vibes with others in a safe, virtual space.  Grab a pair of headphones, find a quiet space, and enjoy the ride.


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